Bride Goes POP!

My fiancé and I are nerds and have an obsession with Funko POP! Seeing a lot of couples using POP! characters as their wedding cake toppers, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to express ourselves. Searching every corner of the internet for inspiration we also found out that people customize these POP!'s to look like themselves. We loved this idea so much I decided to illustrate what I would like mine to look like. 



First I began sketching. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a few posts on my instastories. I had to research some existing POP! character's heads and bodies to find what character's head best resembled mine and what dress I could use to make it look like my wedding dress.  

I used Poison Ivy's head as reference since she has a cat eye and side bangs (my signature look) and used Daenerys from Game of Thrones for the dress reference. Out of these references I've created an unique POP! Illustration that resembles what I imagine myself on my wedding day.

Stay tuned to see what I create for my Fiancé Rob!

A Wizardly Proposal

He was on edge all morning and I had no idea why. I found it odd that he wouldn't let me get a water or any of my stuff out of his backpack which should of tipped me off there but I was in a surprisingly good mood I didn't take too much notice. I was especially  surprised when he wanted to take a photo with me once we got to the park. Since Robbie is the type of person that avoids photos like the plague, this was a real treat for me! He waited until someone offered to take our photo (an unexpecting couple) in front of the Hogwarts Express Train. While I thought we were taking a photo he asked if I was ready and he got down on one knee. Completely caught me by surprise and tears of joy welled up. I basically snatched the ring from him thinking that if I didn't he would take it back. Caught up in the moment we kissed and hugged while the crowd cheered. It. Was. Magical.  

Stella Rosa Aluminums Landing Page

I was tasked with designing a landing page for Stella Rosa's Aluminums for summer promotions. I decided to keep the design consistent with the Stella Rosa's website but differentiating the Aluminums from the rest of the Stella Rosa's wine lines by creating its own brand voice and style of imagery.

I was responsible for art direction, copywriting, designing user interface, & overall project management. Web development by Roger Licup, Senior Web Developer & SEO Specialist.


Speaking Event: Art & Design Career Discovery

I'm truly honored and excited to announce that I've been asked to be on an art and design career panel to talk about my profession... my profession. It seems almost silly to me that I'm considered a professional now, when it feels like I just graduated the Art Institute (2014), but it also excites me to know that former instructors are recognizing my work and are impressed enough to nominate me for opportunities like this.

This 2-day event will be full of successful panelists sharing there industry knowledge with college students majoring in art and design, or as (former illustration instructor) RAD, would call them, design babies. Amongst the panelist I will also be answering questions with my former instructor/ art director/mentor from Green Acres Advertising Design, Andrew Oakes, who recommended me for the opportunity.


Event Flyer

"The Art Department at San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) located at 701 S. Mt. Vernon Avenue, San Bernardino, CA is hosting a student “Art & Design Career Discovery” event scheduled for Monday, March 6, 2017, 6:00-8:30pm and Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 2:30-5:00pm. The event is expected to have approximately 150 students who will be attending a 2-day presentation by area experts in the field of education, art and design."

Stella Rosa Website Redesign

An ongoing project that started in August 2016, I was tasked with giving the previous version of the Stella Rosa Website a facelift with a complete redesign. The homepage is updated with new banners, graphics, blog content, and cocktails each month to stay relevant to Stella Rosa's audience. 

Check it out: