Recap: Art & Design Career Discovery - Speaking Event

Since I got engaged, I've been planning to the most smallest detail (it's the designer in me) that I haven't had the chance to recap my first ever public speaking engagement about design. 

Since I have a moment to catch my breath, I figured I'd share my experience at this event.

To be honest I was nervous. I was drinking a lot of water to hide the shakiness in my voice. Didn't work. To make things worse they were filming the whole thing. Somewhere online lives a video I would probably cringe at just watching myself. There was a room of at least 40 people. Even so, I was still just as nervous. I was asked the typical Q & A questions of what the industry is like, in-house designers versuses agency designers. I got a few head nods that boosted my confidence a little as I was sitting and talking to some of the most intelligent driven people in the creative industry. After the Q&A students were able to come up ask questions themselves. I was surprised and humbled by the students that thanked me for speaking that my answers resonated with them. It was an amazing experience. People always told me that the design industry is competitive and cut throat, although that is true, I never believed that education and knowledge is meant to be kept to ourselves. Seeing what great potential is out there, if we changed these students' mindset of hoping and counting on their peers failures & instead teach them in building a design community to not only better another designer but to better the industry as a whole, that in itself would be far more rewarding than climbing the career ladder by oneself.