Tips on Designing Your Save the Dates

Your venue is booked and it's official, you have your wedding date! Now it's time to start your save-the-dates. Before you get started, here are three components to consider when making your save-the-date.

1. Invest in a Professional Photographer

Although, there are plenty of well-designed save-the-dates that don't use any photography, more than likely your friends and family would love to see a photo of you and your significant other smiling and gazing into each other's eyes without a selfie stick in the way. Choosing to invest in a professional photographer can enhance the overall design with minimal effort. Below are some of photo examples from our engagement session with our photographer Matthew Reiter.


2. Fonts

Fonts are letter forms that like imagery, are used to visually communicate a story. Here are some general tips when selecting your fonts:

  • Stick to 3 fonts or less. Too many fonts can make what you're trying to communicate harder to digest.
  • Check your font sizes. If you can, do a test print at home or the office to test legibility. Things may appear larger on screen.
  • Think about hierarchy. The most important information should be the bigger than less important information. 


3.  Show Some Personality

Taking photos in a field of flowers isn't everyone's style. Your save-the-date is a chance to show your common interests between you and your fiancé. Feel free to get weird. We decided to go with a bookmark save-the-date because we both love books and I've always had a love for fairytales so a whimsical approach suited us.

Our groomsmen & fellow graphic designer who knows both of our personalities and made these fun "edits"...


Hope you enjoyed this blog! Stay tuned for more design tips as I embark on this wedding journey with you!