A Wizardly Proposal

He was on edge all morning and I had no idea why. I found it odd that he wouldn't let me get a water or any of my stuff out of his backpack which should of tipped me off there but I was in a surprisingly good mood I didn't take too much notice. I was especially  surprised when he wanted to take a photo with me once we got to the park. Since Robbie is the type of person that avoids photos like the plague, this was a real treat for me! He waited until someone offered to take our photo (an unexpecting couple) in front of the Hogwarts Express Train. While I thought we were taking a photo he asked if I was ready and he got down on one knee. Completely caught me by surprise and tears of joy welled up. I basically snatched the ring from him thinking that if I didn't he would take it back. Caught up in the moment we kissed and hugged while the crowd cheered. It. Was. Magical.