Unique LA- Spring Show


May 11, 2013  California Market Center May

It's always a good idea to step away from the computer and see whats currently going on in the industry and get inspired. This past weekend I was able to adventure out to L.A and Talk with some amazing artists and entrepreneurs. Here's a little background I got about the event from their website. If you like to know more click here

Unique La started in December 2008 and is a shopping event that curates to local small business’s and designers to help promote awareness of consumerism and the U.S economy. Since 2008, Unique has reached San Francisco, New York City and is continuing to expand. Unique La also partners with a non-profit every show and donates 10 percent of its ticket sales. 


This year’s Spring show was a huge success with over 350 vendors and free DIY workshops, cocktails, photo-booth, tote bags and re-entry the second day. That isn’t the only reasons why people would want to  come to these shopping events. People are drawn to the handcrafted self-made artists and innovators who we call vendors. Each booth has a different look and feel as the next and gives shoppers a chance to really connect with the vendors.  Unique La is a great venue to obtain recognition and social media followers and creates a sense of a community with these Unique La veterans as well as upcoming artists. 

Here are some of my favorite artists from the event: 

Maiden Voyage Clothing  Co.